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Changes Afoot!

We wanted to keep you updated on a change we are making to our Tuesday evening meetings. We are starting to rotate our well know Pick, Play, Pass Jam evenings with practice sessions for the Players in preparation for the upcoming events we have been asked to play at during the year.  Starting next Tuesday 17th May, we will be practicing songs for the sets only. Tonight and every other Tuesday, meetings will remain Pick, Pass, Play and we  welcome any visiting ukulelists or any one who is wanting to learn .  If anyone is thinking of learning and would like to chat to someone about it please contact  us  here, or email Justinebenbar@yahoo.com, or just come along on a PPP evening and see what you think, we always have room for more in our happy band!





We are all geared up for a great Piggy Performance on Tuesday 27th October at the Queens Head, Landgate, Rye.  We’ll be kicking off at 7.30pm and the really exciting thing is that we have a number of new members looking forward to performing for the first time.  Come along and support them please.

Our set will include all the usual favourites sprinkled with some Piggy themed songs and we will, of course, include our famous ‘Wild Boar’ number.    Look out for specials from Mrs Hall’s Boys, The Ukulele Ladies, Ali Catt and not forgetting Bob’s good old boys. 

It should be a good night.