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Changes Afoot!

We wanted to keep you updated on a change we are making to our Tuesday evening meetings. We are starting to rotate our well know Pick, Play, Pass Jam evenings with practice sessions for the Players in preparation for the upcoming events we have been asked to play at during the year.  Starting next Tuesday 17th May, we will be practicing songs for the sets only. Tonight and every other Tuesday, meetings will remain Pick, Pass, Play and we  welcome any visiting ukulelists or any one who is wanting to learn .  If anyone is thinking of learning and would like to chat to someone about it please contact  us  here, or email Justinebenbar@yahoo.com, or just come along on a PPP evening and see what you think, we always have room for more in our happy band!



New Ukers page

We’ve built a little page for those new to playing.  So many people tell us they have a Uke in the cupboard gathering dust that someone bought them and they’d love to play it but don’t know where to start.   So take a look at the New Ukers page and contact us if you’d like to come along a give it a go.  You’ll find information and some simple 2 and 3 chord songs to there too.




Visitors and new members?


On Tuesday 29th July we had the welcome addition of a visitor to Rye at our weekly meeting.  Below is the lovely message from Audrey and David saying how much they enjoyed us and hopefully Rye.

“My partner David and I were on holiday in Rye just recently , we noticed a poster advertising an ‘open garden ‘ with various bands playing all day, as we are both keen on music ( we sing in a 120 strong choir here in Egham ).  We went along to the garden to relax in the sunshine and listen to the music , we were impressed with Rye ukulele experiment ! And you all seemed to love what you were doing ! It was a joy to listen and sing along with you guys . someone mentioned that you got together in the queens head on Tuesday evenings , so on Tuesday off we went to the pub ( with David hoping he would be allowed a little ‘strum ‘ ) well he certainly was ,and it made his day !! We really enjoyed the evening  well done Rye ukulele experiment , may you go from strength to strength, and we hope to see you again sometime ! Best wishes Audrey & David”

It is our pleasure to welcome visitors and new members any Tuesday.  We don’t teach but use “immersive learning”, as Ian so beautifully put it.  We can usually lend a uke or two to anyone who would just ‘like to have a go’.

This week we were delighted to welcome Brian, Jon and Ken along for a strum.  Hopefully new members for the Experiment?





“There’s something about guitars, they’re just so big, you know what I mean?
You’re just like, “Ugh!” Its just seems so overwhelming and the Ukulele is, like the opposite of overwhelming.”
Zooey Deschanel


Come rain or shine we meet at The Queens Head, Landgate, Rye at 7.30pm every Tuesday evening.  All are welcome from beginner, through improver to expert.  We always have a spare Uke if anyone just  ‘wants a go’.

Queens Head, Rye