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Pam and Graham’s great day out

Cheltenham Uke fest 2015

Graham and I went to the 6th festival in Cheltenham this year, a wonderful time! Held over 19th – 21st of June.  On the Friday evening we met some really friendly players from groups from, Neath, London and Australia and we jammed all together until closing time. 

The following day after browsing all the Ukulele goodies in the marketing area of the Cheltenham  Town Hall, trying to keep our hands firmly in our pockets!, we enjoyed the concert with some amazing players including Ryo Natoyama, James Hill playing with his wife Anne Janaelle, Sara Spade and the Noisy Boys, Shine and our particular favourite The Hot Potato Syncopators with their wonderful paper plane finale! 

Sunday started with a big busk in Imperial Gardens before open mic and more jamming with our new friends from the Phoenix club  at the Northwood Arms, perfect end to a perfect weekend.”

Thanks Pam for a wonderful insight into the festival. (Ed)

28 JUNE 2015 UKE FEST GB 011