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Changes Afoot!

We wanted to keep you updated on a change we are making to our Tuesday evening meetings. We are starting to rotate our well know Pick, Play, Pass Jam evenings with practice sessions for the Players in preparation for the upcoming events we have been asked to play at during the year.  Starting next Tuesday 17th May, we will be practicing songs for the sets only. Tonight and every other Tuesday, meetings will remain Pick, Pass, Play and we  welcome any visiting ukulelists or any one who is wanting to learn .  If anyone is thinking of learning and would like to chat to someone about it please contact  us  here, or email, or just come along on a PPP evening and see what you think, we always have room for more in our happy band!



Cakelele for Mike

Last Tuesday’s meeting was tinged with a little sadness for we will soon be losing one of our stalwart members.  Mike is heading back north permanently to enjoy a well earned retirement.  There have been very few weeks when Mike didn’t add to our evening with his company and well-honed jokes.  His claim to fame will always be as warm-up for the Bongo Bongo band at the Rye Arts Festival a couple of years ago – a role thrust upon him very suddenly.


A fond farewell was helped along with one of Justine’s amazing cakes, decorated to depict Mike’s favourite railway themed songs.  Good  luck Mike with a long and very happy retirement and don’t forget to pop back and see us – keep strumming.




Happy birthday to us

To celebrate our 3rd birthday we held a fab little party at the Queens Head last night.  It was truly one of the best playing nights we’ve had with a great turnout of established players and new members.  Graham did us proud with an amazing Banjolele cake made of bread pudding with liquorice strings


and our gorgeous mascot Biggles got lots of fuss and left overs.


Thanks also to Jonathan for the wine and sandwiches.  Pam’s friend also supplied us with a tray of spectacular cup cakes and Ian blew out almost all the candles.


In all a great night.


New Ukers page

We’ve built a little page for those new to playing.  So many people tell us they have a Uke in the cupboard gathering dust that someone bought them and they’d love to play it but don’t know where to start.   So take a look at the New Ukers page and contact us if you’d like to come along a give it a go.  You’ll find information and some simple 2 and 3 chord songs to there too.




Plans for 2015

A belated happy new year to all.  Some of us carried on meeting right through the holidays and others were stricken down by the seasonal sickness, but hopefully we will be back to full strength by tonight.rye-bay-scallop-week

So far we have two definite dates for our diary.  On Tuesday 24th February we will be supporting the Rye Bay Scallop Week by playing at the Queens Head from 7.30pm.  Jonathan will provide some tasty nibbles and apart from our usual favourites we will also be performing some scallop, fish and seaside themed songs.

Rye Ukulele Festival

Another important date for your diary is Sunday 24th May when we are planning the first ever Rye Ukulele Festival.  This will take place at the Cinque Ports pub in Cinque Ports Street.  We are planning to start at around 12.30pm and invite other local Uke groups to join us.  There will also be a joint strum at the end.  A new webpage for the festival should be up and running today so that we can keep you informed.

Just remember Four Strings Good.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

We’ve been so busy over the past couple of weeks that I’ve barely had time to blog.IMAG0069

On Saturday 13th December we had the great honour to greet Father Christmas at Strand Quay as he arrived by boat.  We now know the chords to “Here comes Santa Claus” rather well!

It was a bright but bitterly cold afternoon – well attended by children and parents alike  and we managed to add to our St Michael’s Hospice collection considerably.  Thanks everyone.


Tuesday 16th December was our Christmas Party.   Our MC Mr Kenneth Hall did a fantastic job of overseeing the event (devised by Mr Ian Burford).  A great Christmas meal was served by the Queens Head staff and we entertained each other (hopefully) with party pieces and a great sing song – accompanied obviously by our Ukes.  Thanks to Pam Stroud for her financial services too.


 Thursday 17th saw us, with somewhat depleted numbers, entertaining the folks at Strand Court.  They were a brilliant bunch, joined in enthusiastically and were incredibly generous with their donations to our St Michael’s Hospice fund  –  and their mince pies and sherry.  Thanks again.

This Tuesday 23rd December will be our last get-together before Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our supporters – remember – Four Strings Good.


 I’m dreaming of a White Christmas

The Queens Head goes Wild

Mike and Bob tune up for the big event



Biggles meets a slightly Wild Boar (both our mascots for the evening supplied by Alison and Justine respectively).


The Rye Ukulele Experiment, fortified by Wild Boar sausages supplied by Jonathan at the Queens Head and Graham’s special Kazoo birthday cake made by Justine, perform a varied programme of Pig-themed songs and other favourites.





Music Trading Store, Rye

This week Ali and Biggles went big, bad and bold and bought a baritone ukulele. It’s a lovely acoustic/electro model and even has an integral chromatic tuner.  It came courtesy of the Music Trading Store in Lion Street, Rye who managed to beat any price found on the internet .  Another satisfied customer!

It can be seen, tried and tested at our next Tuesday evening at the Queens Head.