Pevensey Ukulele Group (PUG) Festival

What a special day we had at Pevensey’s first Ukulele Festival!  There is something very special about Ukulele groups, always a warm welcome and a feeling of family, our love of that little instrument binds us together! There were some great groups and we played into the afternoon.  We also met a lot of our friends that had played at our festival this year and it was lovely to be told that Pevensey  was another group that our festival in Rye had inspired to hold their own.  I think as time goes on we will have a summer full of Ukulele Festivals in the South East and all I can say is Yaay!







Playing on a Sunny Afternoon in the Summertime, in the Summertime….

One of the great things of belonging to such a special place as Rye is that we are asked to playing is some secret places, and so it was at the recent fund raising event for Rye’s Bonfire Society. A beautiful garden tucked away behind the high street where there were many stalls selling a myriad of things, along with tea and cake what more could you want! 

Bonfire boys 130816 4




The Stars Were Out and Shinng Bright deep in the heart of err…..East Sussex……!

What a beautiful evening for our club  summer party bash Friday evening! This year we combined our 4th Birthday Party with the event and Ali produced a wonderful cake along with various cup cakes for us all to enjoy as well, yum!

A  great evening was had by all with lots of uke playing and games and as soon as we were replete with picnics and a sherbet or two some great separate performances and sing a longs!

party 120816 Peter's TableParty 120816 Floris Tableparty120816 Dave & Janparty 120816 Bob's table




Message from the Founder of Ukulele Kids Club

We wanted to share with you a message Justine received from the inspirational Corey Bergman.

Dear Justine,

Bless you for your amazing donation to UKC-UK. We are so grateful for your support and generosity for our kids.

Many thanks!!


Also attached is a link to a TED lecture Cory gave explaining about the birth of the Charity, a Charity that is spreading far further than its origins in America where it first started.

Thank you so much for your Support!

We were amazed and wonderfully happy to find out that the final total we raised for the Ukulele Kids Charity U. K. was a whopping

£ 764.81 !!

All down to your wonderful support and generosity. We can’t thank you enough for helping us raise money so sick children in hospital can learn the wonders of our beloved instrument and as they keep the ukes, who knows this may have started the career of some new ukulele stars!